[2018夏‧東非義大利] 坦尚尼亞動物大遷徙親子遊 Tanzania Animal migrations 懶人包




  • 黃熱病、瘧疾、A型肝炎 (旅遊門診)
  • Safari Infinity (中英文皆可通)
  • 落地簽50美元、網路Vodacom sim卡 (皆為當地導遊代辦,當然要自費XD)
  • 南半球78月是冬天
  • 1美元:行李、2美元:整理房間、5-10美元:飯店管家、10-20美元:司機、飯店小費箱
  • 飯店全包式
  • 因坦尚尼亞國內小班機規定,只帶軟式行李袋
  • 機票:Tpe – Ams – Jro


Tpe – Ams 中華航空

AMS – Nairobi 肯亞航空

Nairobi – Jro 坦尚尼亞精密航空


Jro – Ams 荷蘭航空

Ams – Vce 荷蘭航空

Fco – Tpe 中華航空


  • 簽證:美金50元線上申請eVisa旅行社接機人員代辦落地簽證,旅行社接機人員代辦)





  • 東非


第一天:台北 – 阿姆斯特丹 (過境旅館、機場貴賓室轉機)


第二天:阿姆斯特丹 – 肯亞奈洛比轉機 – Jro吉利馬札羅機場入境檢查 – Arusha市區 – Ngorongoro恩戈羅恩戈羅保護區

住宿:andBeyond Crater Lodge (房型介紹)andBeyond Crater Lodge (公共設施/晚餐介紹)


第三天:Ngorongoro Safari 恩戈羅恩戈羅保護區獵遊Central Serengeti  –  Maasai Village 拜訪馬賽部落

住宿:Roving Bushtops (房型介紹)Roving Bushtops (公共設施/晚餐介紹)

第四天:Central Serengeti Safari  中部賽倫蓋提大草原獵遊

住宿:Roving Bushtops


第五天:Central Serengeti Safari  中部賽倫蓋提大草原獵遊

住宿:Four Seasons Hotel Tanzania (Horizon Waterhole房型介紹)


第六天:Central Serengeti Safari  中部賽倫蓋提大草原獵遊

住宿:Four Seasons Hotel Tanzania (lunch box、晚餐、馬賽人音樂表演)Four Seasons Hotel Tanzania (公共設施介紹)


第七天:Central to Northern Serengeti

住宿:Serengeti Bushtops (房間內部、早餐介紹)

第八天:Northern Serengeti

住宿:Serengeti Bushtops (公共設施介紹)

第九天:Northern Serengeti 小飛機 – Arusha – Jro機場貴賓室


  • 義大利

第九天:Jro – Venice

住宿:Hotel A La Commedia

第十天:Venice – Burano(彩色島)

中餐:Versus Meridianem

晚餐Green Apple冰淇淋

住宿:The Gritti Palace

第十一天:Venice – Florence(安藤忠雄海關博物館 – trenitalia火車 – 佛羅倫斯)

餐點:ZaZa丁骨牛排 – Le Botteghe di Leonardo冰淇淋

住宿:Four Seasons Hotel Firenze


餐點:Grom冰淇淋 – Koto Ramen

住宿:Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

第十三天:Florence – Rome(烏菲茲美術館 – 火車 – 羅馬)

餐點:Kisaki Ramen&Shushi – Giolitti冰淇淋 – 金杯咖啡

住宿:NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento



住宿:NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento



住宿:NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento

第十六天:Rome – airport


Dear Sihan,

I trust this email finds you well!

As your safari is fast approaching, I would just like to re-confirm your flight details in case of any changes, and send you a few friendly reminders and information regarding your trip.


If you are arriving via any Yellow Fever endemic zones (e.g. Kenya, Ethiopia), you would have to obtain a yellow fever proof of vaccination card. While it is not needed if you do not exceed the transit time of 12 hours, please note that in case of any flight delays or interruption and you exceed the 12 hours limit, you would be required to have the yellow fever vaccination. To be on the safe side, if you would prefer to avoid this shot due to health reasons, please kindly obtain an official doctor’s note explaining your situation.

**If you are flying with KLM via Amsterdam, you would not need your yellow fever vaccination, unless you are flying via Nairobi or Ethiopia.


Please kindly ensure that all of your USD bills are newer than year 2006.


If your visa fees are not included in your safari package, please kindly ensure that you have USD cash ready to pay for your visa at immigration.


As it is currently “winter” here in Tanzania, and that the location you will be staying at are quite high in terms of elevation, please ensure that you have additional warm layers with you (e.g. 1 fleece + 1 windbreaker/jacket).


Please note that upon arrival, you will be greeted by your Safari Infinity Driver Guide at the ARRIVAL AREA upon exit, who will be holding a pick-up sign with your name and Safari Infinity printed—so it should be easy to spot him!

If you are booked on Express Visa Service with us at JRO, you would be met first by our visa representative as soon as you enter the airport.


For your internal flights in Kenya/Tanzania, please note that the luggage weight restriction is 15kg per person with packed in soft exterior bags or duffle bags. If you require additional kg to be booked, they can be arranged at an additional rate of 3 USD per kg. But this needs to be booked in advance, so please do let us know if you would need to book extra weight.

And, please also see our contact information below in case you need to reach us at any point of your travels:

Lucia +255 688 285 354

Simon +255 786 039 077 / +255 754 039 077

And, Some final words…


It is now time to get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.  Tanzania is one of the most beautiful and pristine places left on this earth and we will do our very best to make your experience unforgettable.

But…please remember that you are in Africa.  Having the right perspective is essential to your enjoyment of the experience.  The National Parks are very different than a zoo back at home.  The roads here are oftentimes rough and unpaved.  Many of the comfort food or drinks from home are lacking here in Tanzania…. This is a developing country, with all the rugged beauty and charm of a wilderness unspoiled by civilization.  Bush planes don’t always run exactly on schedule, Wireless Internet may not be always available at your lodge and the lodge kitchen may not stock the brand of soda that you are used to.  You will soon see the culture here is laid-back and un-hurried – not a pace most of us are used to, but give Africa time, and it will seep into your soul and change you.

When you are in Africa, magic is all around you.  Sometimes it’s the very imperfections that make an adventure like this so perfect.  So sit back and relax and immerse yourself in the enchanting wilderness and vibrant culture of Tanzania…. and you certainly won’t miss the magic.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tanzania!






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